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Residents, attendings and preceptors in the hospital and clinic settings will teach the advanced neurological exam. During Thursday didactics in Seattle, a systematic review of the neurological exam will occur.

Job code As a UW employee, you have a unique opportunity to change lives on our campuses, in our state and around the world. UW employees offer their boundless energy, creative problem solving skills and dedication to build stronger minds and a healthier world.

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The Program Operations Specialist will manage multiple clerkship sites throughout Idaho. The successful candidate will work in Boise, Idaho, with University of Washington staff located in Seattle. Identify, plan, implement and oversee operational areas of improvement within specific Idaho student programs.

Analyze and provide summary program reports and findings to aid in strategic direction. Evaluate student programs efficiency and effectiveness, and implement changes in areas for greater student program efficiencies. Anticipate and track program reports and presentations deadlines assuring compliance with accreditation and state-specific contracts.


Advise medical students on School of Medicine policies and procedures, exercising discretion and maintaining confidentiality of program, medical, financial, student, and other sensitive information. Develop written communication material, including quarterly Idaho newsletter and annual Idaho executive summary.

Manage Idaho medical student programs, medical student clinical curriculum expansions, medical student progress related issues, and medical student testing and proctoring with National Board of Medical Examiners deadlines. Manage Idaho student educational and clinical information requirements, including management of website and links of Idaho WWAMI program functions, student related programs, and outreach activities.

Goals and Objectives

Oversee and manage of Idaho clinical student housing processes for the School of Medicine clerkship rotations through Idaho. Act as liaison for interested and current students on logistical questions, issues, and paperwork process and submissions.

Manage and oversee numerous special projects as directed through the development of strategic planning efforts of Idaho assistant dean on an ongoing basis by planning, implementing and monitoring the success of each program and how it contributes to the strategic plan by analyzing outcomes and tracking project-based information and statistics.

This position requires occasional travel to within Idaho to participate in events such as foundation orientation and Idaho Medical Annual meetings, as well as occasional trips to Seattle.

Perform other work-related duties as assigned. Analyze spending trends and budget variances for Idaho budgets. Implement cost-savings measures as needed. Manage budgets and develop reports used in strategic planning efforts.

Plan and oversee equipment purchases. Manage purchasing records and oversee problem resolution including UW Purchasing and vendor inquiries, unpaid invoices and order status.

Monitor and manage budget activities to ensure compliance with dean of medicine policies. Communicate policy pertaining to contracts to assistant dean and administrator and distribute contracts to appropriate personnel for signature approval and follow through.

Track contracts through approval process to ensure timely completion. Oversee, analyze, and manage assistant dean, administrator, external customers, faculty and student complex local and national travel arrangement, processes and reimbursements.

wwami write a resume

Perform a variety of complex writing and reporting tasks in support of the assistant dean. Independent research and draft correspondence, communication materials and reports for the assistant dean.On the front lines of human rights. Led by founding director Angelina Snodgrass Godoy, faculty and students at the UW Center for Human Rights seek justice all over Washington and the world.

If it's not, your resume and cover letter won't get a second glance from any hiring manager. Read below for information on how to write a resume that will get noticed and help you get invited for an interview. WWAMI Area Health Education Centers The doctor is not required to teach the shadow, and is likely NOT to write a letter of recommendation.

May lead to mentoring. Mentoring: Advising or training, especially a younger colleague. Generally benefits both mentor and mentee. Involves teaching.

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Faculty goals and objectives: Students should see most patients independently with preceptor overseeing the students' work.

Facilitate a broad based exposure to common neurologic problems.

wwami write a resume

Provide regular feedback on student progress. Observe H&P. Critique write-up. Be a positive role model. Examples include: Respectful of patients.

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Goals and Objectives