Uses for paper clips

A paper clip is one of the most cheap, basic, and seemingly simple inventions around.

Uses for paper clips

Paper clip Assorted paperclip shapes, sizes and designs Paper clips usually have an oblong shape with straight sides, but may also be triangular or circular, or have more elaborate shapes. The most common material is steel or some other metalbut moulded plastic is also used.

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Some other kinds of paper clip use a two-piece clamping system. Recent innovations include multi-colored plastic-coated paper clips and spring -fastened binder clips. This clip was originally intended primarily for attaching tickets to fabric, although the patent recognized that it could be used to attach papers together.

Although functional and practical, Fay's design along with the 50 other designs patented prior to are not considered reminiscent of the modern paperclip design known today. This clip was advertised at that time for use in fastening newspapers.

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The earliest documentation of its existence is an advertisement for "Gem Paper Clips". The announcement stated that it had been used since March 1,which may have been the time of its introduction in the United States.

Definite proof that the modern type of paper clip was well known in at the latest, is the patent granted to William Middlebrook of WaterburyConnecticut on April 27 of that year for a "Machine for making wire paper clips.

Since then countless variations on the same theme have been patented. Some have pointed instead of rounded ends, some have the end of one loop bent slightly to make it easier to insert sheets of paper, and some have wires with undulations or barbs to get a better grip.

In addition, purely aesthetic variants have been patented, clips with triangular, star, or round shapes. Its qualities—ease of use, gripping without tearing, and storing without tangling—have been difficult to improve upon. Unsupported claim[ edit ] It has been claimed, [9] [10] [11] though apparently without evidence, that Herbert Spencerthe originator of the term " survival of the fittest ", invented the paper clip.

This pin looked more like a modern cotter pin than a modern paper clip, but it was designed to hold sheets of paper together. Johan Vaaler in as a student of the Christiania University. The giant paper clip in SandvikaNorway.

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It shows the Gem, not the one patented by Vaaler. A NorwegianJohan Vaaler —has erroneously been identified as the inventor of the paper clip.

Uses for paper clips

He was granted patents in Germany [12] and in the United States [13] for a paper clip of similar design, but less functional and practical, because it lacked the last turn of the wire.

Vaaler probably did not know that a better product was already on the market, although not yet in Norway. His version was never manufactured and never marketed, because the superior Gem was already available.Uses for a Paper Clip Collected by Xrysostom.

A friend of mine was challenged by a professor to provide uses for the common paper clip. She passed the request on to an email list we share and some of us contributed to what she'd begun. Help from another list was solicited and we accumulated over distinct uses.

Sep 09,  · Two Methods: Using Paper Clips as Tools Crafting with Paper Clips Community Q&A Paper clips are traditionally used to, well, clip together paper. But, there are plenty more creative and practical ways to make use of this common (and wonderfully inexpensive) office supply%(29).

Multiple paper clips chained together can make you a very understated paper clip necklace, or can help you hang a potted plant from the ceiling.

Don't Miss: 18 Ingenious Uses for Binder Clips; Other than having surprisingly practical uses such as letter opener or DIY money clip, paper clips are also handy for your next super-easy science project.

Nov 21,  · A list of uses for paper clips. If you're using this as a cheat sheet to impress someone you want to show a range of different task categories. To simply list all the different ways that it can be used to clip things together isn't a sign of mental agility.

Use colored paper clips to color code bills and all sorts of other items. For example your water bills can be held together by a blue paper clip, and your heating bills with red.

Uses for paper clips

Or, you can close up spring seed packets with a yellow clip and fall seeds with orange. Clinic Alcohol Addiction In South Carolina; Drug Uses For Paper Clips.

How to Use a Paper Clip in Many Ways (with Pictures) - wikiHow