Survey of art of the western

The extensive range — both geographic and historic — coupled with a focus on key works, will establish a foundation in art history and a point of departure for further study assuming this course is followed by its companion — Survey of Western Art 2: Students will learn to interpret works within their cultural contexts, developing both visual acuity and descriptive vocabularies. Readings will center on the standard texts with a sampling of specialist articles. The selection includes the earliest enigmatic carved human and animal figures such as the Venus of Willendorf, cave paintings from Lascaux, Altamira, and other locations, the earthworks and megaliths of Stonehenge, as well as other sites, and culminates with the refined tools and objects of the Celto-Galic Iron Age.

Survey of art of the western

Perette Michelli, Ext. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3. It may be the only Art History course you ever take.

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Or it may be the foundation of your major. Either way, you want to leave it with a good grasp of the range of ideas, styles and periods, and a personal "take" on the field.

If it turns out to be the foundation of your major, you really want to keep it all from slipping out of your mind. This course is intended to achieve that. Survey courses can be a grind because of the sheer quantity of material to be learned.

This course is different: But there is a lot of work. This course involves nearly three hours in the classroom each week. You should therefore expect to put in at least seven hours of your own time, outside class 10 hours is quarter of a normal working week. This is for learning the terminology, doing the assignments, and attending gallery functions.

You will remember the stuff you understand terminology and the stuff do and think for yourself projects, class discussion infinitely better than anything you merely read or hear.

Requirements Attendance at every class. This these should be word processed and is are due on the day you return to class. This way, you will stay on top of the course, even if you have to miss some classes. Eight projects words, 3 illustrations, bibliographydue on most Fridays. Work on them in the Library.

One will be just before Mid Term; the second will be in lieu of the Final Exam. Study questions will be supplied. Use the internet, the study carousel, and the library.

Survey of art of the western

Learn the terminology of art history. In your set book, some words are set in bold type. Learn ALL those, as you come to them. You will be tested orally in the next class for the spelling and the definition.

Also, learn ALL the words you personally don't understand, either in the text or in class. Ask me for clarification at any time in class or later. No formal tests are currently planned during the semester. However, if you do not know the terminology when asked in class, tests WILL be set up.

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Survey of Western Art History 1 introduces students chronologically to major themes, movements, and issues in Western Art History from prehistoric times through the Rococo (approximately ). This course is ordinarily restricted to Visual Arts and Architecture/Community Design Majors, although other students may be admitted on a .

Survey of art of the western

Survey Of Western Art Write my research paper Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, The Western Perspective, vol. I15th edition (AtA) as rewritten and reworked by Fred regardbouddhiste.comse the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it.

Unknown, Maqsura of the Great Mosque, , marble, Early Islamic Art The Great Mosque originally is the temple for the Roman god, Janus.

In , it converted into a church. Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, The Western Perspective, vol. I15th edition (AtA) as rewritten and reworked by Fred regardbouddhiste.comse the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it This is property of research paper scholars. Survey of Western Art I.

ARH , Section Y, Section Y1 (BGS Only) Professor: J. Hollander Sample Syllabus: Sample Syllabus Course Overview: The art of western cultures from pre-history through the Middle Ages.

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