Robert kennedy assassination essay

After he stepped down as ambassador to the United Kingdom inJoe Sr.

Robert kennedy assassination essay

This is indeed a subject worthy of a film; unfortunately this film is not worthy of the subject. Early on, historian Robert Dallek gives us the standard canard we have long heard: The film of course never ventures such a viewpoint.

The skimpy chronology literally stops with the Church Committee in the mids. In the constricted world of this film, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, the second major federal investigation, apparently never occurred, and thus never issued its finding of a "probable" conspiracy in the case.

Neither did the Assassination Records Review Board declassify millions of formerly-secret pages, including many shockers which never quite made the New York Times.

Of course, an 80 minute film about an event which has consumed America for more than four decades obviously must of necessity give short shrift to a great deal. Especially if it is filled with talking heads summarizing grand messages rather than dealing in the relevant facts and stories.

The choice of talking heads is itself problematic. Josiah Thompson, the other "pro conspiracy" expert, comes off a bit better. But neither is portrayed explaining why someone should believe that the JFK assassination was bigger than just a loner named Lee Harvey Oswald.

A young person with little background in the case, and this number grows with each passing day, could be forgiven for assuming that there were never any real reasons for disbelieving the Warren Commission, beyond an inability to face facts.

Robert kennedy assassination essay

Except for a brief foray into government lying in the s with relation particularly to Vietnam, the assumption permeating the film is that the government honestly investigated the assassination. But if all the research and the books and the forced document declassifications showed anything, it was that this assumption is meritless.

Senator Richard Schweiker, giving the Warren Commission more of a pass than it deserved, said once that "the fatal mistake the Warren Commission made was not to use its own investigators, but instead to rely on the CIA and FBI personnel, which played directly into the hands of senior intelligence officials who directed the cover-up.

Due to its reliance on Marina for so much else, though, the Commission had dared not publicly call her a liar, preferring to write that the Nixon story was of "no probative value.

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These are fair game and might be expected in a longer documentary, but so much time is spent on them here that they are used merely to convey a larger message: Brilliant deconstruction and demolition of the Warren Report is what is in the best of the books which Stone shows in one graphic scene swirling down, down, down into a vortex - perhaps wishing that they could all just be flushed down the toilet, and we could then get off the can and get on with American optimism.

In the last thirty minutes, the gears shift into a decidedly anti-conspiracy diatribe. Epstein adds that "not a shred has come out that would indicate what this conspiracy was.

After forty years, none of the theories pan out. The impact of the assassination cannot be discerned, much less presented, if one cannot tell the difference between the truth-seekers and the poseurs The story of the aftermath depends wholeheartedly on a correct reading of the assassination, which happened only one way, after all, regardless of the number of possible scenarios.

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Stone was even less reticent in an interview where he made note of the "conspiratorialists" and then stated that the reason "I made this film is that I wanted to understand why so many people whom I love and respect, whom I have great admiration for, who are brilliant people, have come to a conclusion about the assassination that I find completely illogical and wrong.

One could only imagine the terror, the excitement, and the inspiration But the conclusions I came to were for me rational ones, because he had a motive for doing it, because he was capable of doing it, because he wanted to do it. Perhaps the snipers on the Grassy Knoll, armed with Secret Service badges but having no knowledge of Oswald, missed due to insufficient "inspiration?

But it remains true that the entire Mailer scenario is speculation devoid of evidence; i. As is so often true in this case, the pot calls the kettle black. Which is why the evidence matters, and despite the hard work of the Warren Commissioners and staff, their efforts mainly succeeded in proving that Oswald could not have done it alone.

And given that, the whole scenario of Oswald the malcontent unattached nobody falls to pieces.

Robert F. Kennedy Essay

The truth, of course, is far more complex and strange than the film or this essay can begin to convey. A fuller, more honest approach to the assassination would have to deal with the inconvenient facts and questions not even hinted at here. How did Oswald the loner so quickly teach himself Russian, one of the most difficult languages to learn?

Some of the answers can be found in the books swirling down into the vortex of history. But many of them will remain unanswered forever. The JFK assassination has become too complex and storied for all but those who have been following it for years.

And yet that easy-to-understand story has never rested easily, and perhaps it never will. An American leader is gunned down at the height of the Cold War in broad daylight, and men of "unimpeachable reputation" bless the answer handed to them by a few pieces of suspect evidence and by the almost immediate pronouncements of the feared FBI Director-for-life.

A left-wing loner did the deed all by himself, in probably the most right-wing city in the nation.Robert Kennedy Assassination Assassination is a strong word with a powerful meaning. Assassination is defined as to kill suddenly or secretively, especially a politically prominent person; murder premeditatedly and treacherously.

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Essay on The Robert Kennedy Assassination - Robert Kennedy Assassination Assassination is a strong word with a powerful meaning. Assassination is defined as to kill suddenly or secretively, especially a politically prominent person; murder premeditatedly and treacherously.

Although Robert Kennedy was a very influential political leader whose democratic ideas were significantly respected by others, his assassination was what impacted Americans most. Kennedy=s death led to a great loss of faith within American society (Archer 76).

His political campaigns and 3/5(3). More Essay Examples on Speech Rubric. It was 4th April , one of the most tragic days in the history of America when Robert F - Analysis of Robert F Kennedy’s Speech Essay introduction. Kennedy, younger brother of slain President John F.

Kennedy, revealed the sad news of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King to the vast gathering of African Americans at Indianapolis, Indiana. The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy Essay politician assassinated, they usually think of John F.

Kennedy. After all, he was the President of the United States and his death caused a huge controversy potentially linking it to a conspiracy. In this paper, I will discuss the assassination of Robert F.

Robert kennedy assassination essay

Kennedy and the conspiracies linked. Essay on Robert Francis Kennedy RFK Words 6 Pages Robert Francis Kennedy, also commonly called by his nickname "Bobby", was born on November 20, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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