Research paper on business analytics versus business intelligence

By Rock GnatovichThe marketing and analyst airwaves are flooding with speculation about what is next for business intelligence BI.

Research paper on business analytics versus business intelligence

September 22nd, Organizations around the world and across various industries are employing the philosophies of big data in order to gain more insight into their business and improve processes. However, it is not rare for many executives to wonder if big data is just analytics.

Related Articles 3 awesome data analytics successes In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, the two outlined three key points where big data is different from analytics: Volume — Recent research by analyst firm International Data Corp.

IDC indicates that the global amount of digital data will grow from exabytes to 40, exabytes by For example, Walmart collects more than 2. A petabyte is one quadrillion byte or about the equivalent of 20 million cabinets of text.

Consider that 90 per cent of the data today was created only in the last two years. Velocity — The speed of data is even more important that the volume. Real-time or near real-time information access enables organizations to be quicker in making decisions and executing moves than their competitors.

Variety — Big data comes in many forms. It can come in the form of images posted on Facebook, email, text messages, GPS signals from mobile phones, tweets and other social media updates. These forms of data are collectively known as unstructured data.

Each person today is potentially a walking data generator. The structured databases that stores most corporate information are not well suited for storing and processing big data. At the same time, elements of computing such as storage, memory, processing and bandwidth are becoming cheaper making it more economical for companies to conduct expensive data-intensive approaches to analyzing information.

The value is just waiting to be mined.Healthcare informatics has too much data with unused value. However, recent breakthroughs will unleash a new wave of analytics to significantly improve.

Business process on Predictive Modeling. 1. Creating the model: Software solutions allows you to create a model to run one or more algorithms on the data set.. 2. Testing the model: Test the model on the data some scenarios, the testing is done on past data to see how best the model predicts.

This new research publication from the IBM Institute for Business Value, titled Elevate Your Enterprise, has found a high correlation between the ability of an organization to reinvent itself and outstanding financial performance. The paper divided today’s CFOs into three distinct groups and found that one group outperformed its peers in.

Getting a bit more niched, SumAll is a social media business intelligence tool that enables you to connect unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Analytics accounts.

Research paper on business analytics versus business intelligence

By gathering comprehensive historical data across those mediums, you . Watch this video on Data Science vs Big Data vs Data Analytics With industry recommended learning paths, exclusive access to experts in the industry, hands-on project experience, and a Masters certificate on completion, these packages will give you need to excel in the fields and become an expert.

This paper outlines some of the benefits of applying this system into a business venture as well as comparing and contrasting the performances between companies which use business analytics versus companies that do not.

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