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Rapid term papers

Download this Term Paper in word format. Clearly from this case and others there is a critical need for the development of safeguards on consumer data captured over the Internet, both of the opt-in where the customer approves the data being captured and the non-opt-in variety.

An Explicit Requirement for Transparency and Ethical Use of Data Consumers have become increasingly concerned that their data, however acquired, will eventually be sold without their knowledge, eventually leading to the potential for identity theft at the worst and continual junk e-mail and bulk mail at the least.

Due to the pervasive lack of trust regarding the use of their data, consumers are increasingly calling for Corporate Social Responsibility CSR programs that will protect their rights and data despite any pre-existing claims made by the companies who captured it through benign surveillance techniques Pirsch, Gupta, Grau.

Facebook, one of the emerging companies that is defining social networkinghas gone through its own ethical crisis already on the issue of transforming how customer data is acquired and fueling the debate of where benign Rapid term papers ends and spying on customers begins Tsai, p.

The Beacon fiasco sends a cautionary message to those companies who have data acquired through benign surveillance. Not informing their customers that the data was being tracked and then presented to their friends in the context of guided selling sessions online not only violated the privacy of each user, they also ended up creating situations online between friends that strained relationships.

Rapid term papers

The result was a spoiled wedding proposal. Ethically, Facebook had the responsibility to inform all their subscribers, several times over to make sure they saw it, that a Beacon was being introduced and it would track their movements both on and off Facebook.

Giving them the opportunity to opt-in or opt out would have also been the ethically correct decision to make. The beacon fiasco shows how delicate trust that is implicit in the use of data acquired through benign surveillance can quickly be violated.

Social networking is the new means by which critical transparency is formed between companies collecting data and those that the data represents. Facebook considered one of the catalysts of social networking, ironically finds its future hanging in the balance of an online culture it helped create.

Benign Surveillance and Consumers Rights: Interpretations of the 4th Amendment The U. Often the 4th Amendment of the U. Constitution is used as a means of setting precedence in that nation in addition to defining ethical practices of using data obtained through benign surveillance in other nations where American-based companies operate.

While the 4th Amendment of the U. Constitution gives the government the right to search for evidence, there is no legal precedence for marketers capturing data using any means including through benign surveillance, specifically those items regarding the tracking of online search behavior.

Online marketers install cookies, or small text files that record what websites are visited by PC users and what they click on. The use of these Pop-Up Blockers have been ruled constitutional by the U. The bottom line of all this is that the 4th Amendment will be strengthened over time to ward off security threats including terrorism, yet the "snooping" of marketers to get online surfing information will become even more rigorously punished.At our custom term paper writing service, pricing is only one of the many great advantages hundreds of students enjoy every month.

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