Professional slideshow powerpoint

History[ edit ] Slide shows had their beginnings in the s, when hand-painted images on glass were first projected onto a wall with a " magic lantern ". By the late s, showmen were using magic lanterns to thrill audiences with seemingly supernatural apparitions in a popular form of entertainment called a phantasmagoria. Sunlight, candles and oil lamps were the only available light sources.

Professional slideshow powerpoint

March 20, Sabrina Cote 3 Tips for Professional Looking PowerPoint Slides PowerPoint slides have long been an essential component of most business meetings and professional presentations, and for almost as long as people have been using PowerPoint for these functions, they have been searching for fresh ways to make their slides more engaging professional slideshow powerpoint eye catching.

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In an effort to spice up their presentations, however, many business people fall victim to the over-cluttered slide…or the chaotic image collage slide, or worst of all, one of those slides that has so much going on that no one quite knows where to focus their attention.

Below I have outlined each PowerPoint tip, with before and after examples, and then at the end of this post I have included a brief video tutorial to show you how to put these tips into action on your own slides.

professional slideshow powerpoint

What happens, however, when you do have top notch images, but their backgrounds, shapes, and sizes are so varied that when used together, they make your slide look disorganized and disjointed? PowerPoint picture borders to the rescue! Select a picture border from the Format tab and apply the same border to each image on your slide to bring uniformity to an array of images, giving your slide a cohesive look.

In the example below, we used the shadow border option to turn these ordinary screenshots from our blog into appealing graphics. Using transparent shapes to highlight slide elements Business presentations often include complex images, such as graphs and charts. The tendency for many is to use large arrows or bright colored boxes to emphasize key parts of the graph or diagram.

While these may be effective in some instances, in many cases they just add unnecessary clutter to the slide.

Slide show - Wikipedia Your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing, and just as you're about to open your mouth and speak, your mind goes blank.
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Leawo Prof. Media - ultimate video/audio DVD/Blu-ray solution To have a choice of method, right click on the spreadsheet on your slide, click Worksheet Object, and choose Edit or Open. The second method Open opens the Excel spreadsheet in a separate Excel window.
9 PowerPoint Mistakes to Avoid for Perfect Presentations New features in PowerPoint manifest its top spot as the best option for smart and creative presentations.

Use the PowerPoint Shapes option to draw a shape that perfectly covers your entire image, then use the transparency feature in the Format Shape menu to make the shape slightly translucent.

Simply overlay a screenshot of the section of your image that you wish to highlight to give the illusion that a spotlight has been cast on that particular section of the image. In the example below, we used this technique to place emphasis on the guestbook data section of this Brainshark view receipt.

Background templates can be applied to your slides by simply selecting the desired template from the Design tab at the top of your PowerPoint screen.Create attractive presentations with our professional PowerPoint templates, slide designs, and themes.

Use our PPT templates and slide designs to .

professional slideshow powerpoint

The free version of this program will convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video file, and can output to a good variety of video formats (e.g. WMV, AVI, MPG; it can even output to BMP images).

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