Pointing devices

The review for Synaptics Pointing Device Driver has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below. If you would like to submit a review of this software download, we welcome your input and encourage you to submit us something! We have tested Synaptics Pointing Device Driver

Pointing devices

A graphics tablet with a pen A graphics tablet or digitizing tablet is a special tablet similar to a touchpad, but controlled with a pen or stylus that is held and used like a normal pen or pencil. The thumb usually controls the clicking via a two-way button on the top of the pen, or by tapping on the tablet's surface.

A cursor also called a puck is similar to a mouse, except that it has a window with cross hairs for pinpoint placement, and it can have as many as 16 buttons. A pen also called a stylus looks like a simple ballpoint pen but uses an electronic head instead of ink. The tablet contains electronics that enable it to detect movement of the cursor or pen and translate the movements into digital signals that it sends to the computer.

Stylus computing A smartphone being operated with a stylus A stylus is a small pen-shaped instrument that is used to input commands to a computer screenmobile device or graphics tablet. The stylus is the primary input device for personal digital assistants and smartphones that require accurate input, although devices featuring multi-touch finger-input with capacitive touchscreens are becoming more popular than stylus-driven devices in the smartphone market.

Trackpad on an Apple MacBook Pro A touchpad or trackpad is a flat surface that can detect finger contact. It is a stationary pointing device, commonly used on laptop computers. At least one physical button normally comes with the touchpad, but the user can also generate a mouse click by tapping on the pad.

Advanced features include pressure sensitivity and special gestures such as scrolling by moving one's finger along an edge. It uses a two-layer grid of electrodes to measure finger movement: Users interact with the device by physically pressing items shown on the screen, either with their fingers or some helping tool.

Several technologies can be used to detect touch.

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Resistive and capacitive touchscreens have conductive materials embedded in the glass and detect the position of the touch by measuring changes in electric current. Infrared controllers project a grid of infrared beams inserted into the frame surrounding the monitor screen itself, and detect where an object intercepts the beams.

Modern touchscreens could be used in conjunction with stylus pointing devices, while those powered by infrared do not require physical touch, but just recognize the movement of hand and fingers in some minimum range distance from the real screen. Touchscreens are becoming popular with the introduction of palmtop computers like those sold by the Palm, Inc.

Pressure-tracking pointing devices[ edit ] Isometric Joystick[ edit ] In contrast to a 3D Joystick, the stick itself doesn't move or just moves very little and is mounted in the device chassis. To move the pointer, the user has to apply force to the stick. Typical representatives can be found on notebook's keyboards between the "G" and "H" keys.

By performing pressure on the TrackPointthe cursor moves on the display. As the tip of the light pen makes contact with the screen, it sends a signal back to the computer containing the coordinates of the pixels at that point. It can be used to draw on the computer screen or make menu selections, and does not require a special touch screen because it can work with any CRT display.

Pointing devices

Light gun Palm mouse — held in the palm and operated with only two buttons; the movements across the screen correspond to a feather touch, and pressure increases the speed of movement Footmouse — sometimes called a mole — a mouse variant for those who do not wish to or cannot use the hands or the head; instead, it provides footclicks Similar to a mouse is a puck, which, rather than tracking the speed of the device, tracks the absolute position of a point on the device typically a set of crosshairs painted on a transparent plastic tab sticking out from the top of the puck.

Eye tracking devices — a mouse controlled by the user's retinal movements, allowing cursor-manipulation without touch Finger-mouse — An extremely small mouse controlled by two fingers only; the user can hold it in any position Gyroscopic mouse — a gyroscope senses the movement of the mouse as it moves through the air.

Users can operate a gyroscopic mouse when they have no room for a regular mouse or must give commands while standing up.


This input device needs no cleaning and can have many extra buttons, in fact, some laptops doubling as TVs come with gyroscopic mice that resemble, and double as, remotes with LCD screens built in. Steering wheel — can be thought of as a 1D pointing device — see also steering wheel section of game controller article Paddle — another 1D pointing device.synaptics pointing device driver free download - DL Driver Updater, Synaptics Pointing Driver regardbouddhiste.com, Synaptics Pointing Driver regardbouddhiste.com, and many more programs.

Synaptics Pointing Device Driver is a Freeware app filed under drivers and made available by Synaptics for Windows.

The review for Synaptics Pointing Device Driver has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.

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Semi-untethered jailbreak for all bit devices on iOS by Siguza and tihmstar. This package provides the Dell Touchpad/Pointing Stick Driver and is supported on Precision and Latitude models that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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