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In your opinion, what makes an ideal anime song?

Jam project

All these ideas are visually communicated on the walls by literally drawing, writing and painting on the walls.

Introducing SAP Jam: Secure, social collaboration where you work

The walls are freshly painted after each session so that each session starts with an impeccably clean white surface whiteboards or erasable materials are never used.

Why are we doing this? We encourage you to try out this method to determine the merits for yourself and share what happens with us and on social media.

This project initially started as a fun temporary experiment, however, overwhelming positive feedback from past sessions gave us the sense that we should carry on developing the concept and sharing it for people to use in their own creative work environments.

The majority of the early pilot sessions held in and were done with people who had no background in art other than whatever they might have done as kids in school. Our hypothesis is that when people are able to connect back to a raw, visceral artistic process, certain parts of the brain get activated that open up new creative powers, arguably important when undertaking any process to generate new ideas.

The intention of the project is to enable progressive open conversations for important, often overlooked, societal topics around the world that result in new collaborations, ideas, inventions and ventures that benefit society.

More photos and videos from and Wall Jams are being added to our event pages over the coming months, please check back again soon.Lovette Jam is very organized, and efficient in project planning, and managing. She always keep the team updated, and strictly does a follow-through with status of the project.

She is time-conscious, and needs little supervision on managing a specific project to it's implementation. The Underground Wine Project “Home x Away” is a blend of mostly Syrah, with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes are from our Estate block on Red Mtn., one of the most highly recognized AVA’s in WA State, and located in Eastern Washington, where the sun is always shining.

A Code Jam is a short event where computer scientists program for social change.

Jam project

A lot happens at these events, and because these events are so short, we need to make sure that projects are a good fit: even a little bit of wasted time can hurt the event. The latest Tweets from The JaM Project (@JaMProjectTap).

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About JAM Project and “Tokyo Dive” JAM Project fans! Their long-awaited 6th studio album, “Tokyo Dive”, has been released!. For those who are not familiar with this band, JAM Project (Japan Animationsong Makers) is a japanese band that has made tons .

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