Family focused health assessment questions

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, Interview Questions for family health assessment Values, health perceptions Describe the values that you honor as a family?

Family focused health assessment questions

Health organizations, government and public health mainly focuses on health issues, the prevention of illness and the strategies to help people promote health and wellness.

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Healthy People progresses toward the goal of achieving healthy and long lives for each individual. The functional health pattern consists of eleven functions to assess families or individuals.

The assessment is a systematic approach to retrieve data and analyze the family or group. To meet the goal of Healthy People the use of the functional health patterns determines how to treat a family or individual, what questions to ask, and where to educate the family or individual.

The family interviewed is a German family who are strong Christians. The husband is 56 and the wife is They have two daughters one that is 16 and one that is 9.

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The husband and wife feel that they Family focused health assessment questions their family a little late in life. The wife is a diabetic and takes her medication as directed by her physician. She follows up yearly with her primary physician, as well as, her endocrinologist.

She believes in preventive health care and has changed her ways since being diagnosed with diabetes. The husband is overweight and knows that he is unhealthy. He follows all directions for his medication that was given to him by his pharmacist.

The children are healthy and have been immunized. They go to the physician routinely for checkups and sports physicals. They both dance and feel healthy. The family attends church every Sunday.

Family focused health assessment questions

The daughters love church and participate in the choir. They love to use sauces and try different foods. They cook interesting meals and use cookbooks to find different ideas. They reap a garden and harvest every year. They enjoy canning as a family. The family works in the garden at home and the community garden together.

The husband and wife usually have coffee for breakfast. The daughters get three meals a day with usually two snacks a day. Breitkopf does not buy them. She thinks he sneaks chips at work.

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They have dinner together and family meals on the weekend. Mr and Mrs Breitkopf drink cocktails, beer, or wine when they get home from work.

The daughters drink, milk, juice and water. Breitkopf comes home from work at 2: Curfew for the 16 year old is They do not feel like they have a problem sleeping.

They enjoy going to bed on time and waking up refreshed. Breitkopf sometimes but rarely has to get up to use the restroom. Breitkopf struggles with constipation. She has increased her intake of fiber and fiber rich food. She feels like she has always struggled with constipation since she was little.

Family Health Assessment

Mr Breitkopf sometimes but rarely has to get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Breitkopf loves to cook and that is his activity every now and then his wife will drag him out for a walk. Breitkopf also loves to fish and go camping something they all love to do as a family.Family Focused Health Assessment L.

L. Grand Canyon University August 11, Family Focused Health Assessment As the society we live in continues to transform, nurses need a comprehensive tool to assess family’s health patterns. Family Health Assessment Order Description Details: Select a family to complete a family health assessment.

(The family cannot be your own.) Before interviewing the family, develop three open-ended, family-focused questions for each of the following health patterns.

FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT Family Health Assessment Laisa Johny Grand Canyon University: Family Centered Health Promotion NRS V February 17, Family Health Assessment Family health assessment is an important tool and crucial to understand family problems, developing plan of care and provision of care .

Family focused health assessment questions

A Family Health Assessment 1 Theresa E Carroll Grand Canyon University: NRSV 01/18/ A Family Health Assessment 2 A family health assessment is an integral part of a holistic view of the family and can help the nurse determine where to focus.

View Essay - Vark questions from NRS at Grand Canyon University. Before interviewing the family, develop three open-ended, family-focused questions for each of the following health patterns: %(77). Using the open minded family focused questions, the assessment covered 11 functional health patterns.

This principle is known as the Gordon's functional health assessment pattern and includes 11 systematic principles for the gathering of data about the family and helps the nurse develop nursing diagnosis and appropriate preventive .

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