Catfish documentary essay

Catfish Documentary Essay - Paper Example Catfish Documentary Essay To film news reports about crime or dangerous events, directors would have to film constantly to get every bit of information - Catfish Documentary Essay introduction. This can make the responders question if the composers control the truth in media. In the film Catfish, the composers have given us information that was not reliable.

Catfish documentary essay

Catfish documentary essay

Is the Documentary Movie Catfish Fake? This site is set up to be a catfish catcher. If you find someone or something online you think is a misrepresenting catfish. Here's the trailer if you want to watch it, it could ruin some of the movie for you. This is the Alien Catfish in the garage theatrical cut.

Hope that's not too much of a spoiler, if so, stop reading now. Catfish was screened at Sundance earlier inand many of us had the same reaction.

This sucker is fake isn't it. Let me preface this by saying I loved this film, and thought they SHOULD be allowed to lie, and I strangely enough wouldn't be mad due to some of the the storyline parallels. When the movie opens on our handsome main character Nev, in about 20 seconds you can sum him up as an "actor type".

If I was filming this I would Catfish documentary essay least try to move the camera a little to the side, unless of course, I was trying to increase the dramatic tension.

There is also another hidden camera a few feet away, did it not have a mic? As a matter of fact it sounded a little like the documentary the Last Exorcism, oh yea, that was fake, never mind. There are other suspicious scenes, like when they are in the car, and all of them sound great, you don't hear one the guy in the back sounding different or further away from the guys in the front, even with sound clean up, mixing and sweetening this sounds almost too good for the gear they were using.

Which is why I don't feel too bad that they are tricking us, I love that the story line is small and believable enough to have happened, and I'm sure there is some truth to this, but really.

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Parallel 2 - What a great lesson, a story about a guy that gets fooled by media website by not checking into things, and yet thats what this media film may do to us. Parallel 3 - Think about this.

The mom sells slightly faked art to our hero, the film makers are selling a kind of slightly fake art to us my friends. Parallel 4 - The Catfish story, the Catfish is added during shipping to keep the Cod from getting soft and mushy by keeping it more alert, so to speak.

In the film it seems to refer to the mom being a trickster catfish. Parallel 5 - At the end of the film it says the story continues at their website. The website contains another great parlor trick - you can make a full screen desktop that looks like our hero's computer.

And the Studio website classifies it as "Reality Thriller". Shullman says if it was fake, "my brother would be the best actor since Marlon Brando. All the above are all just things that I felt about the film, some sarcastic, and some unfounded. So who knows, the whole thing could be real after all.

I love it, and hate it, and can't quit thinking about it. Nev says it's all true.

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Pick up a painted picture by yours truly before they go up in price. Here's one painted of Abbey, is it painted by Abbey? Please leave comments below. If you are one of the film makers please drop a thank you note in the comments to all of the interweb junkies like me that will spend way too much time reading and writing about this film.

I hope to catch a catfish. Special Thanks to for the full original article.Catfish Documentary Essay To film news reports about crime or dangerous events, directors would have to film constantly to get every bit of information - Catfish Documentary Essay introduction.

But news reports can’t always get everything and missed parts ofthe action. so they re-act the situation, which means parts of the information are. THE DELTA BLUES: U.S. – VIETNAM CATFISH TRADE DISPUTE CASE SOLUTION Name of Student Course Date INTRODUCTION This case study presents aquaculture in Vietnam, as the commercial production of fish and other aquaculture products began in the country in the early s.

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Catfish: The TV Show (–) Plot. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Summaries. Nev Schulman and Max Joseph help people who have fallen in love online test the authenticity of their lovers' identities.

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The Story Behind 'Catfish'