Budget behavior discussion forum

People that exhibit poor behavior at work or at home aren't likely to change their spots on vacation. I'm not saying anyone should continue the confrontation, but I've found that with Disney if you summon a cast member, they usually do a pretty good job of sorting things out. Of course, I've also seen CMs become the victim of some pretty harsh confrontations, so that doesn't always help, but it does help clarify who the troublemakers are.

Budget behavior discussion forum

We cruised a couple of weeks ago, and there was one older couple that were just the biggest pair of you-know-whats the entire week At MCO when it was time to board the shuttle, we knew our group was about to be called so we went to the side of the roped off line and others lined up behind us.

Then here comes the aforementioned couple who just ignore everyone waiting and go and stand in front of everyone. A CM tells them to move aside and join the line.

Budget behavior discussion forum

They Budget behavior discussion forum, they just sort of hover at a slight distance. When our group is called, we enter the line. I allow my in laws to step into the line before us and the kids, this is when the older couple barge right in front of us, splitting our group.

Nope, not having it.

I say excuse me. Oh at this point, I should mention the older couple was part of a larger group too Anyway, we rejoin our group and the husband in the couple was spitting mad about not getting his way and being first.

Red faced and snapping angrily at his wife. We check in and board the bus. We take the rows of seat behind the seats with "reserved" signs for guests with disabilities. Some other people board, then here comes The Couple who board the bus and promptly toss the "reserved" signs on the floor and plop themselves into those seats.

Shoving past people who had been waiting for elevators and making sure they always board first Saw this a lot because OF COURSE their cabins were on the same floor as ours. Shoving past people who were waiting for restaurants to open for dinner and making sure they were the first ones seated OF COURSE they were on the same dining rotation as usshoving to the front of people waiting for shows and making sure they get in first.

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Thats she had to share? I don't even know. There were more examples They were just a pair of nasty old jerks. My husband had once mentioned to me that it was odd that if we saw someone who was belligerent at the beginning of the cruise, we always seemed to see them during the whole cruise.

But I think it's likely because they really stand out.

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I'm sure we're not the only ones who seemed to always see them. I really do wish we notice the people who are considerate a lot more.

In the past few years, I've been trying to notice them. I think it started when this lovely couple came up to us after our dinner in Citricos to let our kids know they were very well behaved. It was really nice of them and I've done that a couple of times, especially when I know the kids would love to hear it.

I knew as a parent, I really appreciated it. Although I did make sure that I was never intrusive However, I have noticed that I try to ignore kids who are not behaving well.Daddy and I have talked about a star chart but we can't quite have one yet!

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In the meantime, we work with a points system: He gets a point when I'm bad (don't go to bed on time, go over budget, eat sweets without asking, etc.) and I get one when I'm good.

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Budget behavior discussion forum

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