An analysis of the come little ones open thy ears and gather nearby

This book will challenge your life and give you hope and encouragement to set aside all hindrances and press on into the glory of God. As he relates his experiences to Elwood Scott, you will feel as though you are right with him, seeing the many different scenes of the Celestial Kingdom, escorted by King David.

An analysis of the come little ones open thy ears and gather nearby

The Samaritans had a version of the Pentateuch, which they revered as the law, but they rejected all the prophetical writings of what is now the Old Testament, because they considered themselves treated with insufficient respect therein.

To the orthodox Jew of the time a Samaritan was more unclean than a Gentile of any other nationality. It is interesting to note the extreme and even absurd restrictions then in force in the matter of regulating unavoidable relations between the two peoples.

An analysis of the come little ones open thy ears and gather nearby

The testimony of a Samaritan could not be heard before a Jewish tribunal. For a Jew to eat food prepared by a Samaritan was at one time regarded by rabbinical authority as an offense as great as that of eating the flesh of swine.

While it was admitted that produce from a field in Samaria was not unclean, inasmuch as it sprang directly from the soil, such produce became unclean if subjected to any treatment at Samaritan hands. Thus, grapes and grain might be purchased from Samaritans, but neither wine nor flour manufactured therefrom by Samaritan labor.

Jesus, travel-worn and weary, rested at the well, while His disciples went to the town to buy food. A woman came to fill her water jar, and Jesus said to her: She expressed her surprise in the question: The result of the draught she had in mind would be to give her immunity from one bodily need, and save her the labor of coming to draw from the well.

An analysis of the come little ones open thy ears and gather nearby

The subject of the conversation was abruptly changed by Jesus bidding her to go, call her husband, and return. To her reply that she had no husband Jesus revealed to her His superhuman powers of discernment, by telling her she had spoken truthfully, inasmuch as she had had five husbands, while the man with whom she was then living was not her husband.

Surely no ordinary being could have so read the unpleasing story of her life; she impulsively confessed her conviction, saying: But, as Jesus expounded the matter to her, the place of worship was of lesser importance than the spirit of the worshiper.

The woman must regard Him thereafter as either an impostor or the Messiah. She left her pitcher at the well, and hastening to the town told of her experience, saying: They marveled at finding the Master in conversation with a woman, and a Samaritan woman at that, yet none of them asked of Him an explanation.

His manner must have impressed them with the seriousness and solemnity of the occasion. When they urged Him to eat He said: Looking upon them and upon the grain fields nearby, Jesus continued.


It is beyond question that Jesus did not share in the national prejudice of the Jews against the people of Samaria; an honest soul was acceptable to Him come whence he may. Probably the seed sown during this brief stay of our Lord among the despised people of Samaria was that from which so rich a harvest was reaped by the apostles in after years.

The people of that section, and indeed the Galileans generally, received Him gladly; for many of them had attended the last Passover and probably had been personal witnesses of the wonders He had wrought in Judea.

While at Cana He was visited by a nobleman, most likely a high official of the province, who entreated Him to proceed to Capernaum and heal his son, who was then lying at the point of death. With the probable design of showing the man the true condition of his mind, for we cannot doubt that Jesus could read his thoughts, our Lord said to him: He seemed to consider it necessary that the Healer be present, and his great fear was that the boy would not live until Jesus could arrive.

And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way. He inquired when the boy had begun to amend, and was told that at the seventh hour on the yesterday the fever had left him.

On this occasion He stood up to read, when the service had reached the stage at which extracts from the prophetical books were to be read to the congregation. The minister in charge handed Him the roll, or book, of Isaiah; He turned to the part known to us as the beginning of the sixty-first chapterand read: It was allowable for the reader in the service of the Jewish synagog to make comments in explanation of what had been read; but to do so he must sit.

Summary in Jesus Name

And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country. They knew that Jesus had wrought such in Cana, and a boy in Capernaum had been healed by His word; at Jerusalem too He had astonished the people with mighty works.

Were they, His townsmen, to be slighted? Why would He not treat them to some entertaining exhibition of His powers? He continued His address, reminding them that in the days of Elijah, when for three years and a half no rain had fallen, and famine had reigned, the prophet had been sent to but one of the many widows, and she a woman of Sarepta in Sidon, a Gentile, not a daughter of Israel.

Then great was their wrath. Did He dare to class them with Gentiles and lepers? Were they to be likened unto despised unbelievers, and that too by the son of the village carpenter, who had grown from childhood in their community?Tony Heller: In this video I show how climate scientists have continuously changed their story over the past 40 years.

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